The Ultimate Guide to Email Design

April 1, 2021

Quality email design plays a major role when it comes to making email marketing work for your brand. Follow these top 10 tips to help you create emails that not only look great, but will also get great results!

1. Create a Strong Subject Line

A brief statement to pique the interest of your recipients.

2. Brand Optimization

When your email recipients open your message, they should know automatically the email was sent from your company.

3. Email Format

Limit yourself to four or five sections for better visual emphasis, and include clear and appealing calls to action.

4. Be Concise

Give recipients the information they want and need from you without getting into the weeds.

5. Visual Content

Graphics and imagery should define content sections clearly.

6. Link Everything

Wherever recipients click on your email, it should take them somewhere you want them to go such as a landing page, product page or special offer.

7. Don’t Forget about Mobile

Recipients should have a positive, well-designed email experience or whatever device they’re using.

8. A/B Test your Design

Whether its modifying your CTA, colors, images, layout, or tone, don’t be afraid to A/B test your design to determine which one works best.

9. Add an “Unsubscribe” Button

Allow recipients to unsubscribe from your emails on a good note so they can remember your business in a positive light.

10. Social Media Integration

Using social icons in one of the easiest ways to integrate your social media marketing with your email campaigns.

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