Q&A with Commerce12 Founder, Adam Hanin

April 14, 2021
1. Can you tell us a little about Commerce12 and your role within the company?

I started the company in 2017. I was primarily responsible for all functions of the business. Running all of our sites on the Shopify platform has helped streamline our internal technical processes, which allows me to focus on e-commerce trends and providing business guidance, margin guidance, and management for our clients’ businesses. As an operational agency, our goal is to help scale our clients’ business, so I spend most of my time building and generating more net income for our partners.

2. Can you tell us about your Journey into e-commerce?

I built my first site in 1999 for my school uniform business, which was relatively early in the e-commerce game. We were the only company in our space to advertise on this site called GOOGLE at the time. That fortunately worked out fairly well. I subsequently sold my uniform company to a public company, an online textbook supplier in 2005 (not Amazon). So essentially, I was into e-commerce in the early days.

3. What advice do you have on how to grow an e-commerce business?

The e-commerce business is all about scale. You need to consistently look to acquire new customers and establish balance between existing and new customers. The unfortunate challenge is that custom acquisition is becoming more and more expensive, so watching your operational budget is crucial. This essentially is what Commerce12 does…save our clients money on operations to repurpose spend into marketing.

4. What are some tips to increase traffic to my website?

Content. Social spend. Email. Text. You need to do it all. There is no magic bullet.

5. What are the most important metrics to look at for e-commerce businesses?

Obviously traffic is essential, but conversion rate is crucial. Look and feel + navigation is key to achieving high conversion. If you bring to the well. you want them to drink.

6. What is the most effective way to promote an online business?

Taking a holistic approach is the key here. A focus on all elements of brand and e-commerce is the key. There is a playbook that should be followed that includes a budget to spread across all channels to ensure relevance and reach.

7. What are the best strategies for dealing with online browsing and shopping cart abandonment?

Online shoppers like to be romanced as well as incentivized. Losing the ‘human’ touch of an in-person experience leaves your e-commerce channel in a predicament…How can I help to close this sale. Providing an offer on site can help push the customer into a purchase. If you happen to lose them, providing a promotion in bringing them back can prove effective. A browse or cart abandonment email or text (with a promotion) is an easy way to attempt to save the sale.

8. In your opinion, what do you think are the top trends we will see within e-commerce this year?

Text. Social. Chat.

9. What is the future of the e-commerce industry?

The future is now. The trend/movements to online shipping will only continue to rise. The early adaption period is long over and buying online is more common than to not. A focus on all direct to consumer should be at the forefront of every product and every brand.

10. How can a business boost their sales on an e-commerce website?

Call Commerce12. We are ready.

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