How Adding SMS Benefits Your Brand’s Marketing

September 10, 2021

Over 90% of the U.S population owns a device capable of receiving SMS messages. The benefit of reaching customers where they are nowadays is obvious. If they’re using their mobile device and you send an SMS, the chances of engagement are much greater at keeping your brand at top of mind. Check out these top […]


Email Marketing Trends to Supercharge your Summer

August 11, 2021

Summer is in full swing, and e-commerce brands are seeking the best strategies to connect with their audience. Check out these top 3 email marketing trends to supercharge your brand during the summer months! Personalization in Email Marketing – Customers want to feel valued by the companies that they invent in. A key trend to […]


5 Rules to Follow When Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

July 9, 2021

Focus on the Product Benefits: The content of the product description should convince the customer that it will improve their lives in obvious, measurable ways. Focus on your Ideal Buyer: The best product descriptions address your target audience directly and personally. Make your Descriptions Easily Readable: Writing your product descriptions with a clear, scannable design […]


Top 5 Tips to Drive Repeat Sales Online

June 23, 2021

Simplify the Shopping Experience – You should make it easy and exciting for customers to buy again. You can do this by providing an excellent mobile experience, sending promotions, and always sharing updates on new products. Focus on Building Customer Trust – Earning customer trust is the first step to creating a brand evangelist that […]


Top 5 Tips to Keep your E-Commerce Sales Hot This Summer

June 11, 2021

 Reward Customer Loyalty – Implement a loyalty program. Loyal customers want to feel appreciated every time they come back to make a new purchase. Rewarding loyalty will keep the customers coming back, recommend your business to friends, and boost your summer sales Boost Revenue with Holiday Sales – Summer holidays are traditionally prime opportunities for […]


Behind the Scenes with Local Crowns!

May 19, 2021

Check out what Commerce12 has been up to lately with a behind the scenes look at our most recent photoshoot with our newest client, Local Crowns!Whether it’s your hometown, a treasured hobby, or favorite vacation spot – Local Crowns gives you an outlet to express yourself through our headwear. Inspired by real places and real […]


Introducing our New Client, Joan Oloff Shoes!

May 19, 2021

Help us welcome our new client, Joan Oloff Shoes! Podiatrist designed, high fashion shoes with an emphasis on comfort. Joan Oloff creates a high fashion luxury shoe constructed to accommodate the structure and function of the human foot, while still maintaining delicate and beautiful lines. Their patented high heel technology provides shock absorption, created support […]


What is Brand Affinity and Why is it Important?

May 14, 2021

Brand affinity describes consumers who believe a particular brand shares common values with them. This helps build a relationship between the brand and consumer thus retaining loyal customers.


The Importance of Email Flows for Your Business

April 30, 2021

Did you know that setting up automated email flows for your business can lead to a 14.5% increase in your sales production.
Follow these simple flows to get you started:


The Importance of Brand Optimization

April 29, 2021

Brand optimization is a major necessity for any business today. It is the process by which businesses interact with consumers to build and optimize their brand assets. It is a way to make a brand relevant to its users


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